Monday, May 15, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: From Our Studios: An Exhibition of Student | Work at the Worcester Center for Crafts

Worcester, MA-The Worcester Center for Crafts opens an exhibit in its Krikorian Gallery on May 18, 2017 that will explore the creativity of its students. Entitled "From Our Studios," the show is on view from May 18-June 3 and includes work by more than fifty students who have taken classes in the ceramics, glass, metals, and photography studios at the Center.

Student Show 2017

A stunning variety of works will be exhibited by the following artists: Sharon Corey (Oakham, MA), Kari Winfield (Gardner, MA), Lindsey Aubuchon (Hubbardston, MA), Ann Cataldo (Hubbardston, MA), Skip/Alfred Koch (Leominster, MA), Colette Shumate-Smith (Leominster, MA), Geraldine Brophy (Auburn, MA), Lulu Fite (Berlin, MA), Diane Seiler (Boylston, MA), May Lee Tom (Holden, MA ), Cindy White (Holden, MA), Lizbeth Griffin (Lancaster, MA), Leonard Conte (Northboro, MA), Anne Swinton (Northboro, MA), Judy Goodstein (North Grafton, MA), Bettie Carlson (North Oxford, MA), Christy Trauernicht (Princeton, MA), Patricia Culross (Rochdale, MA), Suzanne Hanlon (Rochdale, MA), Catherine Burchat (Shrewsbury, MA), Sarah Hudson (Shrewsbury, MA), Claudia Sarver (Shrewsbury, MA), Katie Baker (Spencer, MA), Janet Pane-Joyce (Spencer, MA), Madonna Harris (Webster, MA), Lothar Franke (Dudley, MA), Susan Kraft (Westborough, MA), Mary Aroian (Worcester, MA), Kirk Boattenhamer (Worcester, MA), Michael Hewitt (Worcester, MA), Michelle Parsons (Worcester, MA), Joyce Shapiro Ellowitz (Worcester, MA), Patricia Flannery (Worcester, MA), Jennifer Carey (Worcester, MA), Mary Quill (Worcester, MA), Sandra Cohen (Worcester, MA), Bruce Cutler (Worcester, MA), Kim Cutler (Worcester, MA), Lindsey Parker (Worcester, MA), Judith Pederson (Worcester, MA), Arlene Sjosten (Worcester, MA), Jill Watts (Worcester, MA), Tomoka Howard (Paxton, MA), Michelle Dowds (Bolton, MA), Holly Lauer (Bolton, MA), Snezana Knezevic (Southborough, MA), Ellen Joseph (Westford, MA), Sheila Ronkin (Bellingham, MA), Judith Lane (Medway, MA), David Kobes (Chestnut HIll, MA), Maureen Coleman (Attleboro, MA), Kathy Prario (Newington, CT), Krysia Stronski (Middletown, CT)

The list of materials that works are made from are as varied as the artists in the show which includes functional objects, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media works.

"Copper Rose" by Maureen Coleman
"Splash" by Sarah Hudson
"Ginkgo" by Kathy Prario
"Glass Orb Lamp" by Tomoka Howard

"Lidded Jar" by Claudia Sarver
The Worcester Center for Crafts (WCC) is one of the oldest non-profit institutions for craft study in the United States, offering close to 300 classes and workshops annually in Ceramics, Glass, Metals and Photography. Founded in 1856 as the Worcester Employment Society to help immigrant women produce and sell hand-crafted wares to support their families, the Center evolved over the past 155 years into New England's leading center for craft education, exhibition and entrepreneurship

The Craft Center's mission is "to sustain craft as a vital part of our community" by providing high-quality craft education and training, by supporting craft artists in their professions, and throughadvocacy and public education initiatives including adult education classes and workshops, a Youth Craft + Creativity Program of classes and workshops , exhibitions showcasing the work of established and emerging artists, artist residencies, lectures, family events, studio rentals, Gallery Store, and major events.

The Krikorian Gallery at the Worcester Center for Crafts is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is free. The WCC is a member of the Worcester Cultural Coalition and its WOO Pass program, and receives funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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